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HS Care Beds

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Specially padded care beds for adults

HS Care beds are Danish-made care beds with specially made safe padding and safe functions.

The care beds have been developed in collaboration with relatives and experienced care staff. This guarantees high usability and robust quality. But the greatest success factor for us is that we often hear that users sleep safely in their care beds. And they fit perfectly into the conditions in both nursing homes and homes.

The series of HS Care Beds is named after Huntington's disease. The beds are specially designed for patients with Huntington's disease and therefore they are also suitable for people with similar involuntary movements - such as people with dementia and other neurodegenerative diseases.

Our HS care bed provides a safe sleep in a durable, soft frame that significantly reduces the risk of injury to the user.


Adapted to the individual's needs

All people who use our HS Care Beds need a safe padding. But beyond that, their needs are very different from each other. Some have a cognitive need for security that very high sides can give them. Others should have lower sides because they must not have hard or sharp edges on their care bed.

Some must be given different options for opening their care bed. That is why we have designed a whole series of HS Care Beds that ensure that most people can cover their needs with one of our standard beds. We offer all people the opportunity to test the care beds for 14 days with a full right of return so that you can be sure of getting the best possible solution.

What is an HS Care Bed?

The HS Care Bed stands out from the crowd. It has a specially designed padding that sits in a robust bed frame made of solid beech wood. The sides of the care beds all have rubber padding that protects the users in the best way when they have to get in and out of the bed.

HS care bed has been designed to follow the development of the users' disease course. Initially, the user can get in and out of bed on their own. Therefore, they have been optimized to simplify this.

When the patient later in the course of the disease becomes thin and vulnerable, the mattress reduces the involuntary movements. The padding protects the arms and legs from injury. The mattress prevents pressure ulcers and is available in up to wound category 4.

The standard details for an HS Care Bed are:

  • Elevation function in the frame
  • Four-part ergonomic reclining surface
  • Locking mechanism on the side and end
  • Combi mattress with incontinence cover

Special padded care bed with washable cover

Our care beds are made by hand by experienced Danish craftsmen. We use beech wood because this provides a robust care bed, is easy to work with based on the individual's needs and allows us to obtain raw materials from Scandinavian forests, which means that we avoid unnecessary climate impact.

Read more about Jysk Handi and how we make our care beds.

The sides of the care beds are padded as standard with a combination of cellular foam, regular foam and incontinence fabric cover. The mattresses in our care beds consist of thick fire-retardant polyether foam, incontinence covers and a comfortable top of Tempraflex. The mattress prevents pressure ulcers according to wound category 2.

Many years of insight into the everyday life of healthcare staff has made it possible for us to design optimal solutions. The user-friendliness benefits both care staff and relatives because we have also ensured that our HS Care Beds can be used at home without problems.

Small care bed for the home

Although HS is a series of standardized care beds, it is based on many years of design and manufacture of unique care beds for individual users. Therefore, we are also very aware of the challenges that can arise when having a care bed at home. It should simplify life. Not complicate it.

Our HS Care Bed 800 has been designed to take up as little space as possible so that it can be in the home without being in the way or changing the family's way of living together. The limited width of the bed ensures that you can easily move it around in the home.

Based on the needs of users and families, we have developed different hinges on the ends and sides of the care beds. The openings and closings have been designed to be as simple and intuitive as possible, to ensure that relatives can quickly help the user.

Contact us for a free and non-binding consultation of the functions and solutions we can provide that best match your needs.

HS care bed models

Specially padded care beds for patients with Huntington's disease and other patient groups with similar needs for protection against self-harm during sleep and rest.
See our different models.
her ses en tremmeplejeseng med polstring og et justerbart stel. Baggrunden er klippet ud af billedet

Nursing Care Beds

Nursing Care

Nursing care beds are designed for children and adults with physical or mental disabilities. The solid care bed's solid construction, height and upholstery allow it to be used by very troubled users.

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