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Nursing Care Beds

Jysk Handi Senge

Nursing Care Beds for children, adolescents and adults with disabilities

Care beds with slats are especially suitable for children, young people and adults with physical or mental disabilities. With a nursing care bed, the user can get in touch with their surroundings in a safety-creating bed.

We produce our nursing care beds with and without padding. Our specially developed padding is very popular because it has been adapted based on each child's need for protection with carefully selected thickness and shape.

Children may have physical disabilities, such as cerebral palsy, which make it difficult for them to stay in bed or sit up in bed without help. Our nursing care beds have solid constructions that ensure that even the most anxious children, young people and adults can lie in them without the risk of injuring themselves or the bed.

her ses en tremmeplejeseng med polstring og et justerbart stel. Baggrunden er klippet ud af billedet
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Nursing care beds provide a safe frame

Care beds with slats create the necessary physical demarcation to the environment that children and young people with cognitive problems may need. There they can rest and get a safe sleep.

The slats of the nursing beds have been designed to delimit the patient. They make sure that both users and the environment can feel safe. The frame and slats can also support the user in things such as sitting up in bed.

If there is a need to protect the user against unconscious and unintentional movements that can lead to permanent damage, then a nursing care bed can be an option. But we have also developed other solutions.

To protect users from violent, unconscious movements that we recognize from epileptics, for example, we produce both padded nursing care beds and HS Care beds..

If you are unsure of the best care bed based on your needs, you are welcome to Contact us for a free and non-binding consultation.

Nursing are beds with slats in different heights

There are major differences between users' needs for shielding in a nursing care bed. That is why we have designed our care beds with slats at different heights:

  • 50 cm
  • 80 cm
  • 100 cm
  • 130 cm

The low slat sides are normal for children and young people who cannot stand up on their own. This may be due to muscular or motor problems. They will feel safe and secure in a care bed without high sides.

If the user can stand up firmly with a movement pattern that creates a need for extra support, a stable and medium bed side may be the best choice.

In relation to very anxious children and young people who can both get up and climb on their own, you may need one of our highest bed sides.

Nursing care beds for people with autism

It is especially children and adolescents with a high degree of autism who need nursing care beds that are largely reminiscent of caves. They usually need to feel shielded from as many external impressions as possible before they can calm down.

Depending on the user's needs, the nursing care bed can be delivered with fixed sides and ends to delimit as much as possible of visual impressions. Our light beech wood is also a plus for children and young people with disorders within the autism spectrum because the color does not trigger many thoughts.

The slatted bed can be delivered with padding which ensures that the bed is even safer. The combination of dark colors and a soft structure can help to dampen sensory impressions and sounds from the surroundings, so that the bed becomes a safe and quiet place to be.

We always make sure that the antibacterial and durable padding protects the individual user in the correct way. And our mounting points are hidden, so there are no visible opportunities to press your hands between the mattress and the padding. If the hands still find their way, the holes are never deep enough to get stuck in them.

Care bed with plexiglass

Some users and relatives need to see through the slats without hands and arms being able to fit between them. For this purpose, we can mount plexiglass in the care bed.

This ensures that relatives and care staff can keep an eye on the patient during sleep and rest without getting close enough to disturb the calm situation. The plexiglass also protects small hands and fingers from getting caught. It can be mounted directly when purchased or retrofitted when the need arises.

Care bed for adults

Our nursing care beds are used especially by children and young people. But adults with physical and mental disabilities may also need a safe shield with one of our beds. We can produce our care beds for adults and HS Care beds. in various sizes.

Contact us for free and non-binding consultation on nursing care beds based on your needs.

Jysk Handi Senge

Nursing Care Bed Models

Nursing care beds are designed for children and adults with physical or mental disabilities. The solid care bed's solid construction, height and upholstery allow it to be used by very troubled users.

With padding

Padding can be ordered on all nursing care beds.

Padding provides security in day and night use. With padding on all interior surfaces, the construction provides optimal protection against violent uncontrolled movements.

her ses en tremmeplejeseng med polstring og et justerbart stel. Baggrunden er klippet ud af billedet
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HS Care Beds

Specially padded care beds for patients with Huntington's disease and other patients with similar needs for protection against self-harm during sleep and rest.

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