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Together we find the best solutions

Everything is possible when we work together and talk openly about our needs. Therefore, we have close contact with the users at the beginning of our process. In this way, we create the best conditions for a completely perfect product for the user.

A number of the most challenging disease groups have our focus - because in this we can make the biggest difference with our efforts. Ours HS Care Beds has been developed in collaboration with occupational therapists and users to find the best solutions that take into account both the individual user's health and the care staff's working conditions.

We have worked with the development and production of aids since 1990. Jysk Handi was founded by Rasmus Henriksen who still runs the company from the production framework in Hornslet north of Århus.

Knowledge of the healthcare sector

Rasmus Henriksen is responsible for a large part of the communication with everyone who will use the beds and other aids. In relation to production, we are an experienced team of idea developers, engineers, technicians, carpenters and upholsterers.

Together, we have many years of experience working with and in the health sector. Therefore, we also have an understanding of the needs of everyone who will use our beds and aids.

When we lack knowledge or inspiration for challenging solutions, we use our large network in the healthcare sector, which includes users and subcontractors throughout Europe. We often test new solutions. But we never compromise with our consideration for the outside world. Our wood is pure beech wood from Hvalsø sawmill, and we process it with CE-marked equipment according to the requirements for medical equipment.

We can always be reached for an unpretentious conversation about the challenges you face.

Contact us and get our best advice.

Jysk Handi - Sustainable Scandinavian design - Made in Denmark.

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Jysk Handis team

Meet our wonderful team of people who are passionate about making a difference for the individual.

Rasmus Henriksen


Michael Ormstrup

Mechanical Engineer / Blacksmith

Lars Erik Andersen

Cabinetmaker - bed production

Oliver Bartholin

Cabinetmaker / apprentice - bed production

Sine Bech Larsen

Seamstress - Padding and covers

Helene Norup Due

Social media / photographer

Linda Poulsen

Graphic designer

Søren Jensen

Bookkeeping / accounting
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