Terms of sale and delivery

Terms of sale and delivery

Jysk Handi

Hornbjergvej 11
DK-8543 Hornslet
E-mail:  mail@jyskhandi.dk  (sikker mail )
Telefon +45 86 99 65 00
CVR: DK13748438

Payment, invoice and delivery

Electronic invoice:

Electronic invoicing according to EAN number, order number and reference person.

Electronic invoice is printed in connection with delivery and payment must be made to Jysk Handi no later than 14 days from the invoice date.

Regular invoice:

The invoice is printed in connection with delivery and payment must be made to Jysk Handi no later than 14 days from the invoice date.

Payment can be made via PBS, giro, online banking or MobilPay on 20 81 65 05.

Standard items in selection or on trial:

In some cases, the user may need to test the product for a shorter period. Should it turn out, against expectations, that the product still does not live up to expectations, the product must be returned before the payment deadline.

The customer pays for return shipping.

Terms of sale and delivery


All prices are excluding VAT and shipping.

Price estimate for assignments:

When we produce a price estimate, we calculate this based on a non-binding and indicative price that includes all costs for the assignment.

It can often be difficult to predict the actual time consumption for different assignments. Jysk Handi will always invoice for the actual time and material consumption.

Tender price for assignments:

In the case of tenders, we produce a binding price in accordance with the agreement.

Payment terms:

14 days net.

Interest accrual:

For payments after the due date, an interest rate of 2.0% per month will be added.

Testing Products:

The test period is 14 days from the invoice date unless otherwise agreed in writing. Thereafter, the product is considered purchased.

Return / test products must be accompanied by a copy of the original invoice.

A selection fee of 5% of the item's sale price for items under DKK will be charged. 5,000, - excl. VAT.

For items over DKK 5,000, - is charged fee by agreement.

For products delivered and picked up by Jysk Handi, the customer is charged with the costs of delivery and collection.

Upon product return, we expect to receive the product in the same condition as when it was sent or delivered.

If this is not the case, we will send an invoice for all damaged parts in accordance with the agreement between the customer and Jysk Handi.

Specially manufactured or customized standard products that are delivered based on the customer's wishes can not be returned.

Credit invoice is sent as an e-invoice if the original has not been sent as a paper invoice. 


Complaints regarding errors and deficiencies must be notified to Jysk Handi no later than 21 days from the invoice date.

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