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HS Care Bed 901

with fixed headboard and hinges for footboard

HS Plejeseng 901 er udviklet til brugere med meget kraftige, ukontrollerede og ufrivillige bevægelser, mod at komme til skade ved ind- og udstigning i sengen samt under hvile og søvn.
This bed solution has a wider mattress size.

These problems are often seen in people with Huntington's disease and other people with various forms of brain damage and dementia.

The bed can be tested for 14 days.

HS plejeseng 901 - åben

Elevation function

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Rubber and edge protection

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4-part reclining surface with bending at the knees and ergonomic feedback at the back

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Product properties


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Security provides better sleep

The padding on HS Bed 901 provides higher protection for the individual and greater security during sleep.

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Combi Tempraflex mattress

HS bed 901 is equipped with the combi Tempraflex mattress with incontinence protection. Wound category: 2

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Central locking system

The sides are opened and closed via a central locking system that is easy and convenient to handle.

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Reinforced and improved bed construction

The bed is made with regard to the extra load that the patient places on the structure.

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A wider bed and mattress solution

A wider mattress gives the user greater freedom of movement but the same security in the bed.

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Washable cover

All covers can be washed at 95 ° C and tumble dried.

Product options


The HS combination mattress is specially made for use in HS beds. It helps against involuntary movements and makes it easier for individuals who easily get bedsores.

The HS combination mattress is a flexible mattress that covers all needs due to the unique function of being both an active and reactive mattress

With the HS combination mattress, you get two mattresses in one. A reactive foam mattress and an active alternating pressure mattress - both with great pressure-relieving properties. 

HS combination mattress

HS combination mattress


If you have questions or need help choosing the right products based on your needs, you are welcome to contact us. We are always here to help you along the way.

Her ses en grå plejeseng med den ene side og gavl stående åben

Inquiry about the bed

HS Bed 901 is made for individuals with very strong, uncontrolled and involuntary movements. It protects against damage during entry and exit as well as during rest and sleep. 

The bed can be tested for 14 days.

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